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  • Zieltext AG

    carbon neutral translation -
    3000 trees planted

  • FM4 Frequency

    Campaign 1 tent = 1 tree
    2200 trees planted

  • VortexPower AG

    1 Vortex Spring sold
    plants 1 tree

  • Allianz Hochdorf

    H. Niederberger plants 1 tree per
    CHF 100 insurance premium generated.

  • La esquina Wallisellen

    Plants 600 trees on its
    6th company anniversary

  • GlobeAir AG

    sustainability partnership with
    carbon-connect AG since 2019

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  • 19.97 % achieved
  • 199,707 trees planted
  • 1,000,000 objective
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Borneo Orang-Utan Survival (BOS) CH
Borneo Orang-Utan Survival (BOS) Switzerland

Reforestation and Urang-Utan Protection, here your learn more about BOS Switzerland

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Sustainable Harvest International
Sustainable Harvest International

Reforestation and support of small farmers, here you can learn more about Sustainable-Harvest.

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Trees for The Future
Trees for The Future

Reforestation and poverty reduction, here you can find out more about Trees For The Future

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