10 Reasons For Trees

Why trees are beyond awesome and so important:

1. tree as a source of oxygen

Like all plants, trees produce oxygen, which we need to live. Three mature trees produce the daily oxygen needs of one person.

2. tree as CO2 sink

Trees bind CO2 (carbon) and cool our planet. During photosynthesis CO2 is split, the C (carbon) is stored in the biomass and O2 (oxygen) is released. On a global average, 1 tree binds 10Kg. CO2 per year.

3. trees filter our city air

Especially in cities, trees not only provide shade, they are also considered the green lungs of cities. One tree can filter up to 100Kg. of dust from the air.

4. trees as a source of food

For wild animals in particular, trees provide a rich and vital source of food. During the flowering season, trees are vital for insects, bees and bumblebees, later they provide fruits, berries, nuts and seeds and thus ensure the winter requirements for animals.

5. trees are important shade providers

Trees are important providers of shade and are indispensable on summer days. Thus, trees not only provide pleasant cooling, they also protect us from intense UV radiation. A horse chestnut tree with a crown diameter of 15 metres covers an area of 160 square metres.

6. trees regulate the water cycle

Trees absorb rainwater and return the absorbed water to the air through transpiration. A single tree can release between 900 and 1500 litres of water into the air every day. Trees thus regulate the humidity of the air and ensure a balanced water cycle on earth. 7.

7. trees create jobs and fight poverty

Forest clearing or deforestation not only destroys nature, it also destroys the livelihood of many families, especially farmers in developing countries. In rural areas in particular, it is almost impossible to provide for the population without trees and forests.

8. trees protect against erosion and soil loss

Deforested areas are often threatened by desertification. Trees are natural barriers against wind and protect against flooding. The root system holds the soil together and prevents erosion.

9. trees reduce noise

Trees not only combat air pollution in urban areas, they also play an active role in curbing noise pollution, the leaves have a sound-absorbing effect.

10. trees are wonder weapons and fight climate change

Deforestation has several negative effects. When trees are cleared, valuable CO2 reservoirs are destroyed and the stored CO2 is released back into the atmosphere. Deforestation thus causes the second largest natural carbon sink on earth to disappear. Let's plant trees together, they play a key role for our future!


Donating a tree as a gift is not only meaningful, it also suits every occasion. Whether for Valentine's Day, a wedding anniversary, an anniversary or an invitation, with a tree gift you help in the fight against climate change and thus give away a piece of the future. Forests are a natural air conditioning system, they absorb CO2, provide us with oxygen, regulate the water cycle and cool our planet. In mountain regions, forests are a natural protection against rockfall and water. In addition, trees help to preserve biodiversity on our planet.

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