Trees for The Future

Trees for the Future was founded in 1989 by Grace and Dave Deppner as a charitable foundation in Maryland. The organisation supports African communities in reforestation. Local farmers are supported through seed distribution, training in agroforestry and technical support, especially in rural and remote communities. Planting trees offers families more than food. It provides income, self-sufficiency and independence. The three-pillar model is based on the following approach: Elimination of hunger and poverty reduction and reforestation. Trees for the Future studies show that after only 18 months of collaboration, the food base was assured. 82% of the farmers supported by the foundation were able to increase their income considerably. The local population is trained in agroforestry, manages their fields independently and can thus feed themselves. In addition, the agricultural destruction of forests is avoided. The positive environmental impact is endless, because trees save lives!

Since its inception, more than 155 million trees have been planted, over 31 million square kilometres of land restored and the fundamental lives of more than 26,000 people positively changed.

Trees for The Future is currently working with more than 3,000 peasant families in six countries in the southern Sahara (Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, Guinea and Tanzania).


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